The North Marches

26th of Coldeven: Cinderello
The Deadliness of the Death House

26th of Coldeven

After the previous encounter in the Dead House, we were all pretty tired this morning, but we yearned for more knowledge of the mysterious labyrinth. Since our last trip involved quite a bit of bloodshed, we sent out to find a few more brave souls ready for adventure.

We stumbled upon a few fighters and farmer girl. They were all brave and eager to adventure, unfortunately only one of them made it out alive.

27th of Coldeven

We set out for the mine like we normally do without any encounters. Talked to Eagle-Eye. He mentioned he saw a werewolf. Looney miner sees a werewolf every waking moment, so we take it with a grain of salt.

28th of Coldeven

Woke up the next day ready to get to the Dead House. As we entered the swampland we walked up to a group of Knolls. We tried to talk with them but they were some ignorant and beastly bastards. We thought about attacking them but proceeded to the Death House.

We ventured to a room that we haven’t been to before. The writing above the room (6A on our map) said “Vordac – Serpent Night”. We found nothing in this room but a stone throne. After exiting, two mummies spotted us. We took care of them with ease, besides Britha. She took a sock to the face from one of the mummies None of us were paralyzed by their deathly gaze. They had some jewelry, good for the looting. We pl

We proceeded to the next room (6B). The writing above the door, “Talos – Who is Talos”. There was an empty tomb in this room. We placed Britha in this tomb, just in case an evil spirit rose her. We proceeded to the next room (5A). Above the door were some runes and impressions. There were two hands carved out that Thundu detected magic on. We assumed these were to be pushed in to open something. The runes said, “Lord of the Sun may enter with the last prayer. Blood … Kraclow (sp?) rests here until ….”. We’re hoping to investigate this later.

The next room (12) had some ruins above it, “Prison of the Wind”. In this room were several bag of bones in a circle. With hindsight, we should have moved these and stowed them away, as the sorcerer we’re about to encounter tried to summon them.

The final room we explored (13) also had some ruins that read, “Prisim Sorcerer”. In the middle of this room was a glass prism, with a glass hood above it. The wall was covered in shattered glass. We attempted to activate the prism with light, several times. We had no luck. Hippocarcus stupidly, grabbed the glass hood and tossed it to the ground and it shattered. We grabbed the prism and bright light emitted from the prism. We were blinded momentarily, but in our peripherals saw a naked, blue man running away. When we saw him next there were four or He attempted to raise his skeleton army, but Thundu heroically silenced him. We got a few attacks in but were confused by his illusions.

He ran away from us and we attempted to attack him before he got away. Unfortunately, he got away and the next thing we knew, there was a ball of fire gunning us down. We should have learned from that wretched green flamed woman. This fireball was a tough blow for us. It killed two fighters and the farm girl that were with us. It was sad to see their bodies, laying there. Especially Burga and Tolta. I grew quite fond of them. Luckily, Illifar, Hippo, Thundu, and I made it out alive. The other novice fighter with us, had some sense and stayed back and was unscathed. We attacked him again, as he continued to run away from us. Thundu laid the final blow, slaying this evil, evil man.

After the devastating battle with the blue man, we were all eager to get to back to safety. Unfortunately, while we took a shot break for rations, a couple of mummies and walking skeletons attacked us. Illifar shined, using the strength of Palor to lay damage on the entire group. I slated a skeleton, and eventually we killed the group of undead beings. Thundu, in his normal fashion, made an unwise decision but distracting the mummies and having them attack him. He laid there, unconscious for a few scary moments. Luckily, Illifar was there to tend to his wounds.

We ventured out of the wretched house, on our way back to the mine. Looking around, there were five less people than we entered with. It was a sad, sad sight.

We made it back to the mine, only seeing a group of Knolls on the way back. We all went to bed with haste as the day wore us down.

1st of Growfest

Happy to be back in Idlepoint we visited Callifar as we always do after an adventure. We showed him the glass prism and described the crazy events that took place. He said the prism definitely has some magical power to hold beings. He also said if someone held onto it for a period of time, it might inflict a magical power. I gave to Illifar to hold on to.

After visiting Callifar, ______ (Grigori’s wizard) translated the old Oridian I wrote down from each room we visited. The descriptions helped us further understand an overall mysterious, mysterious place. This wrapped up a great but deadly adventure.

Malaz and Greb "Fight" a Bear
An Example Adventure Log

(This is a story one of the gold mine guardsmen told the players while they were staying the night there. The guard is called Malaz. This is written from his perspective, but it could easily be third-person perspective too. Take this as a baseline adventure log – put in the big details of where you went, when you adventured, what you fought, who got hurt, what treasure you got, but you don’t need to give detail like “we killed exactly 24 male kobold pesants, 20 female kobold peasants, 8 warriors, a leader, 9 babbys, and tim ate a spider in his sleep.” You don’t need to put in heavy roleplay either – just a simple, informative story with the major details is fine.)

On the 19th of Readying the sergeant told Greb and me to go hunt a deer so we could have some fresh meat. We went to the valley a couple miles to the east and found some tracks, so we followed them for a ways up the valley. We found a stag at the end of the tracks, but two goblins had found it first and were just in the middle of carrying it off. We attacked them and won, and picked up the body to head back to the mine. I guess you reap what you sow though, cause not much more than a mile later a bear got the drop on us. I ran off and I guess the bear ate Greb. That’s why we’re having this stale jerky tonight.


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