The North Marches

Malaz and Greb "Fight" a Bear

An Example Adventure Log

(This is a story one of the gold mine guardsmen told the players while they were staying the night there. The guard is called Malaz. This is written from his perspective, but it could easily be third-person perspective too. Take this as a baseline adventure log – put in the big details of where you went, when you adventured, what you fought, who got hurt, what treasure you got, but you don’t need to give detail like “we killed exactly 24 male kobold pesants, 20 female kobold peasants, 8 warriors, a leader, 9 babbys, and tim ate a spider in his sleep.” You don’t need to put in heavy roleplay either – just a simple, informative story with the major details is fine.)

On the 19th of Readying the sergeant told Greb and me to go hunt a deer so we could have some fresh meat. We went to the valley a couple miles to the east and found some tracks, so we followed them for a ways up the valley. We found a stag at the end of the tracks, but two goblins had found it first and were just in the middle of carrying it off. We attacked them and won, and picked up the body to head back to the mine. I guess you reap what you sow though, cause not much more than a mile later a bear got the drop on us. I ran off and I guess the bear ate Greb. That’s why we’re having this stale jerky tonight.


(Either the GM or a player should write up the loot+xp results of the adventure in a comment below. Of course, discuss anything else about the adventure in the comments too.)

Player characters involved: none.
Non-player characters involved: Malaz (healthy) and Greb (eaten by a bear).
Treasure total: 0 G.P.
Special items kept: 0 G.P.
Experience earned: 10 X.P. (for monsters killed)

Malaz and Greb "Fight" a Bear
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