Making New Characters

Class and Race Information

Allowed Classes and Races

All classes are acceptable, all races except for Drow and Dragonborn are doable. If you make a Half-Orc, consider that Greyhawk citizens aren’t often kind to your race. If you make a Tiefling, consider that Greyhawk citizens will most often think you’re an evil demon trying to kill them Keep your horns covered and your tail tucked.

Class-Specific Information

For clerics: check out this link this link for a list of deities. This one is also good.

For druids: go to the first link above and look for “Old-Faith.” That is almost certainly your pantheon.

Starting Stats:

Roll stats as 4d6-drop-the-lowest. If you don’t rearrange them at all, start at level 2. You could be a badass too and just roll straight-up 3d6, but you’d still only start at level 2. You’d just be badass. Plus that’s some added fun.

Making New Characters

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